2002 EZGO TXT Freedom PDS 36 volt electric cart  with new Trojan batteries, state of charge meter, new rear flip seat, head, tail and brake lights, folding tinted windshield, horn, new suspension pins and bushings, rear view mirror, over the top enclosure and 36 volt charger.  All for $4950.00

2017 Yamaha Drive2 EFI Quietech, rear flip seat, LED lights, bluestone finish, USB ports, folding windshield, 10" tires and wheels. Very nice cart!  What a buy for $8150.00


1991 Yamaha G9 gas cart, lifted with custom tires and wheels, rear flip seat with safety bar, head and tail lights and rear view mirror.


2017 EZGO TXT gas with custom red body, custom red and black upholstery, 18" Stinger AT tires on 10" Vampire wheels, rear flip seat, black top, LED head and tail lights and folding windshield. Value priced at $8500!

2017 EZGO RXV 48 volt AC drive cart, with new batteries, custom charcoal body paint, custom charcoal and silver upholstery, rear flip seat, folding tinted windshield, black top LED lights front and rear, custom Tempest wheels with 20" AT tires and 48 volt charger.  $8450.

2015 EZGO TXT gas, with Kawasaki 13 HP engine and folding windshield. $5700.

A rear flip seat can be added for $450 and LED lights can be added for $275.

Current Inventory for Sale

2018 Club Car Tempo gas EFI, with head and tail lights, folding windshield, fuel gauge, rear flip seat and black top. Very nice gas cart for only $7750.00

2017 Club Car Precedent 48 volt electric cart, with 2019 batteries, LED lights, folding windshield, USB ports, rear flip seat and 48 volt charger. Good solid cart for only $6350.

2017 Yamaha Drive2 EFI Quietech, with folding windshield and USB ports. Ready for the golf course. Only $7450!!

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2017 Club Car Precedent 48 volt electric with new Trojan batteries, head and tail lights with blinkers, horn, rear flip seat, black roof, USB ports, folding tinted windshield, Club Car custom 10" wheels with Lo Pro tires, black roof and 48 volt charger. All for $6550.00

2019 Club Car Tempo EFI, with LED lights, folding tinted windshield and rear flip seat. Ready to go for $7950!!

1997 EZGO TXT 36 volt with new Trojan batteries, rear flip seat, head and tail lights, folding windshield, white top and 36 volt charger. Very sound cart for $3950.


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2017 EZGO RXV 48 Volt AC drive cart, with custom blue paint, custom blue and black upholstery, new Trojan 12 volt deep cycle batteries, LED head and tail lights, new Double Take Helix Max 6 rear flip seat with wrap around arm rests and storage compartment, black top, state of charge meter and 48 volt charger. What a buy for only $8750.

2019 Club Car Tempo gas EFI 6 passenger cart with LED headlights, folding windshield, long black extended top, 10" custom Club Car aluminum wheels with 10" turf tires, what a buy at $9750.

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2017 EZGO RXV 48 Volt Electric AC Drive cart with new deep cycle batteries, custom charcoal body, custom charcoal and silver upholstery with red piping, 20" AT tires on 10" Red and black Vampire wheels, black top, folding windshield  all for $8500. 

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2019 EZGO Valor gas with 13HP EFI Kawasaki engine, striking Patriot Blue painted body and black upholstery,  LED lights, folding tinted windshield, black top, with 20" turf tires mounted on 10" machined black Vampire wheels What a buy at $8250.00

A rear flip seat can be added for $450.00